Homework Research and Activism

Homework Realities: A Canadian Study of Parental Opinions and Attitudes

We designed and conducted this study from October 2006– January 2007. It involved a web-based questionnaire and a volunteer snow-ball sample. The study received 1199 respondents providing information on 2063 children with all provinces in Canada represented. The primary sample was the care-givers of 1800 children in Ontario. To see the Executive Summary of the study click the link below. To download the entire Technical Report click on the Download button below.

Teacher Perspectives on Homework: A National Study

As a follow-up to the Nationally publicized parental survey of homework, a second study, Teacher Perspectives on Homework, was constructed to gather descriptive data related to homework and gather teacher perceptions, opinions, and attitudes. A Web-based questionnaire was launched by snowball sample in March 2008. Data gathering was facilitated by numerous school boards across Canada, by teacher’s groups, by posting links on websites including the Education Association of Canada. Close to a 1000 responses were received by cut-off date in September 2008. Analysis is completed and full results will be released shortly.  Results were  reported in the Toronto Star in August 2008.